Prepaid Card Automat

e-Prepaid Card !
e-Prepaid Card - Chip & PIN protected is a Gift or Reload Prepaid MasterCard® card.
It functions much in the same way as any other MasterCard product but being prepaid means it is not linked to your bank account and you can't spend more than you have on the card.
Like any other MasterCard®, you can use at over 24 million locations worldwide– wherever you see the Master Card®  Acceptance Mark, Online and to withdraw funds from ATMs.
Today: Reloadable Prepaid Cards had Issued only by banks in bank branch office (7 day minimum) or   Gift Prepaid Card are selling in  specialised shops. 
We have Inovated instant issuing Prepaid Crads on Prepaid Card Automat placed in Public places (airports, hotels, shopping malls, etc.).

Gift Prepaid Card Instant Issuing:

There are no credit checks, no forms to fill in and you don't even need a bank account. It's instant:


1. Insert Banknote in the Prepaid Card Automat ,

2. Take Prepaid Card,

3. Take receipt of payment with PIN.


It's as simple as it sounds. You can start using card immediately to shop Whereveer you see the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark.


Limit - 600 Euro in Europa. 150 Euro in Croatia.


Please note: Registration is optional ( can make later - using our secure site) but does provide you with a number of benefits. Firstly, it allows you to make purchases over the internet, over the phone and by mail order. This is because these transactions often require you to submit a username and address. Secondly, it provides you with a degree of protection in the event that your Gift e-Prepaid Card is lost or stolen. In this situation, we will provide you with a replacement card for a small fee.

Reload Prepaid Card Instant Issuing:

There are no credit checks and you don't even need a bank

account. In accordance with the prescribed rules MasterCard® and the law on Prevention of Money Laundering must be made Process of Customer Identification – KYC – Know Yor Customer:

1. Web Camera Recording Video and Audio Clip,

2. Scanning ID and OCR,

3. Input Social Number, Mobile, eMail and Address

Option: Scann Customer Finger.

4. Inserts Banknotes or or Insert Credit / Debit Card and input

Load Amount.

5. Automat Reads the data from the Card and sends to Card

Processor. Card Processor activates the card and Automat

Issui Card. Card is active and money will be Load after

KYC Beck Office Validation. Money activation Customer will

receive via SMS.

6. Automat print a receipt & PIN on thermo printer,

7. Automat print Terms and Contract to A4 on the laser printer.

Limits: More then 18 years, 15.000 Eur / Per / Year, Children 13-18 Years can get Card as Perents Aditional Crad.

Traveler's Prepaid Card Voucher:

Traveler's can order via our Secure Site or Travel Agencies offices Traveler's Prepaid Card Voucher.

Traveler's can paid in the country and currency from where Departure and they can get Prepaid Cards at the Prepaid Card Automat on Public Places (airports, hotels, shopping malls, gas stations etc.) in country with currency where Arrival.


Process of Card instant issuing in Arrival Country:


1. Scanning Barcode on Traveler's Prepaid Card Voucher.

2. Scanning and OCR Passport,

3. Input User name and Password,

4. Card Issuing,

5. Print a receipt & PIN on thermo printer,

Replacement if card is lost or stolen:


Cardholder who has made ​​the finger scann in moment of registartion can do it automatically thanks to the data in our database:

1. Personal Image and Voice recording. Face and Voice


2. Fingerprint scanning and recognition,

 3. Cancel lost or stolen card and Replacement with new card

and amount.

 4. Print a receipt & PIN on thermo printer


All others need to call our Call Center to help!

Back Office Process of Verification:


KYC - Know You Customer:

Back Office service verifies video, audio, (fingerprint), scanned data from personal documents and entered personal code. If the information is correct, authorize the transfer Load on the Card Account and send SMS to Card Holder.

Advantage of use the City eCard system:


It is ideal for those who want to reduce the risk of purchasing on the Internet, prevent identity, students, children, passengers (when you go abroad and do not want to carry cash), people with irregular and limited cash flow and others. It is also a great gift.

-The card is the Internet anonymously - protection against identity theft - the card has no personal data,

-It is not necessary to open a current account - lower maintenance costs,

-Control risk - the risk is only the amount paid to the card,

-Control spending - spending as much as you paid the tab,

-Enabled convenient micropayment (health-participation, internet newspapers, etc.),

-Reload on the card is enabled from 0-24 hours,

-Fees for card payments are less,

-Loyalty and bonus points for users,

-The card can get a group that up to now could not (unemployed, children, etc.),

-Children pocket money, parents have control of spending cash. Parents can Reload the child's card.

-Fast and convenient delivery of money from abroad,

-Control of Payment - younger than 18 years are prevented from betting and buying cigarettes,

-Ease of issuance, payment and Reload,

-Review of reports and transactions on the card access to the site ,

-Mobility - You can pay on the Internet, Mobile, Tablet PC, Internet cafe, EFT POS and withdraw

cash at ATM,

-eCard Terminal is a modern electronic exchange,

-Other possibilities of the system - information, bill payment, Internet betting, advertising...