Info Kiosks & Automats & Software:

City Informations, Navigations, Events and Advertising:

City Informations - Where to Go - Click here!
Software for easy search informations about the city. Informations are classified by categories on 22 language. You can search for: 
- Interactive map - a virtual tour, 
- Significant objects (museums, monuments...),
- Useful informations (hospitals, pharmacies...),
- Commercial info (gastronomy, nightlife...),
- Business informations (products, fairs...), 
- Event in the city etc...

e-Menu for Restaurantes:

Restaurants with e-Menu® - Click here!
Multimedia Interactive Menus & Beverages & Wine list, designed for hotels and restaurants. The main objective is:
- Multimedia presentation of dishes and drinks (pictures, text, video)...
- Display in multiple languages,
- Display the dish ingredients - it is important for dietary, allergies, religious...
- Advertising domestic and international drinks,
- View the web sites of restaurants,
- View the web site of the city - where to go (other restaurants excluded).
Project:  Croatia country where waiters communicate in the language of the guest!


PH Corner Software® - Click here!
Software enables multimedia consulting customers in the pharmacy - Self-treatment ( health care, prevention and aid in the treatment of small and moderate symptoms with OTC products).
Customers touch the screen to search for products through classified categories - problems.
Allows multi-language and categorization of information into 22 languages ​​(good help to foreign tourists).

Award Interactive Game for Hotels, restaurants and bars:

e-Round of drink ® - Click here!

Computer game for entertainment, advertising and rewarding with products within the catering facilities.
The base game is to form at least three of the same symbol vertically or horizontally, moving the symbols for one place up-down-left-right.
Software allows multiple people (4) to play the game for  3 minutes.
Whoever has the lowest score pays Beverage - Round of drink.

Self-Service Ticketing & Access Control soloution:

Starting from 1996. DEKOD telekom d.o.o. makes ticketing software and offers ticketing service for various types of events, from sports, music and theater to conferences and ticketing for museums and swimming pools.

In order to provide high quality services, DEKOD telekom d.o.o. formed internet center with high performance servers, internet connections and secure payment gateway connections..............................................Click here!

Remote Advertising Kiosk Software:

IPR RAS - Remote Advertising Software is the IPR softwarefor centrally manage and distribute multimedia advertising content (text, images, video clips, animations and music) on Self-Service Kiosks.

Software Security for Tablet - Android OS: IPR Browser & Advertiser:

Software IPR Browser & Advertiser allows you to create settings of Tablet:
 - Define the home page by typing the URL (Home page). On Home 
   page defines which site visitors can use. With Click on the Home button
   or returns from the Screen Saver, software restores Tablet the home page.
 - Home and all other pages are displayed in Full Screen mode.
 - Create a personal password to exit the application (when you get delivery
    you get and general password. If you forget your personal password, you
    can always use general password).
 - Start Screen Saver is defined in the Tablet Settings - Screen timeout.
 - If no one uses the Tablet during the timeout defined in the Screen-timeout, 
   the software automatically returns the Tablet to the Home page, starts work 
   Digital Signage (Screen Saver)
- Advertising and automatically deletes the previous activity users.
- Advertisements are stored in SD memory card - JPEG format 1280 x 707
- The Time interval between Advertisements is defined in seconds.
- End of Screen Saver - advertising, is defined by touching the screen.