G City Card

  G-City Card is a Self-Service Kiosk for Selling City Cards - copy protected Tickets for different  purposes. In the Kiosk are integrated latest Technology (Hardware & Software) for:
- Selling Thermal  RFID Tickets: Tickets as thermal paper with RFID (Mifare HF 13.56 MHz and QR Code,
- Payment with Bank note and Credit /  Debit / Prepaid bank cards,
- Video Call Centar Informations.

- Barcode reader - for reading Vouchers,
- Laser A4 Printer for Welcome message or instructions,
- Receipt Thermal or Fiscal printer.

About City Card:

The City Card is a unique pass copy protected allowing entry into cultural-historical monuments, the top attractions of City. It is designed to accrue savings in time and money. Depending on the length of stay in City, tourist can buy 3 types of cards on G-City Card Self-Service Kiosk: 1, 3 or 7 days.

By purchasing a City Card on G-City Card Self-Service Kiosk, tourist will get a public transport card that is valid throughout the city, which will simplify and accelerate his sightseeing around the city. By presenting the Card, tourist will get partner discounts, especially created for tourist, in specially designated restaurants, stores, souvenir shops, jewelry shops and tourist agencies (City Card Partner).

For each City card purchased, tourist will get a free web pages access to City Informations - Where to Go guide on City Card Kiosk, Mobile Phone and Tablet with a plan of City in 24 language, with photos, descriptions, working hours, restaurants e-Menu on 5 language and the addresses of all the cultural, historical and religious heritage in City, useful general information and a list of the City Card partners where tourist can benefit from a discount on their services.

City Card Design and Specifications:

- RFID Mifare thermal transfer paper (gr.130 in rolls),

- Frequency: HF 13.56 MHz,

- Memory: 1 kByte,

- Ticket Size: Width 82 x Length 54 x Thickness 0.47 mm,

- Ticket with black mark for alignment,

- Kiosk Ticket Roll diameter: 300 mm, 3000 Tickets,

- Printing Speed > of 200 mm/sec,

- Reading distance: 6cm typically

- QR Code printing,

- Automatically send an e-mail to inform near end of


Purchasing a City Card on G-City Card:


Individual purchases:

- The Tourists choose option 1, 3, 7 days City Card,

- Pay with banknotes or credit cards,

- The Toutist gets ticket and confirmation of payment, on thermal printer.


Group or Internet Webshop purchases:

Group leader purchases and pay tickets online on Internet Webshop and print voucher with a bar code label.

The kiosk scans a bar code label form the Voucher and issued ticket separately for each group member.


Travel Agensy purchases:

Travel Agency tickets for public transportation, visiting cultural-historical monuments and excursions can sold as part of their packages. Guests upon arrival at the airport scann vouchers with bar code on kiosk scanner and take tickets. The laser printer A4 size prints welcome message, instructions for transportation airport - hotel, time table of excursions and short informations about cultural-historical monuments.


- Financial savings compared to individually purchased tickets of cultural and historical sights and bus tickets,

- Use of public transportation,

- Free web site on 24 language travel guide and a city plan, with photos, descriptions,

working hours and the addresses of all the cultural, historical and religious heritage in City,

- Pre-plan your visit an easier and faster way of visiting historical sights, and better use of your time in City,

- Discounts & Special offers at restaurants, souvenir shops, travel agencies, jewelry shops...